ARGO Indie Game Developer Program

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the Alternate Reality Game Organization's Independent Game Developer's Program and are excited to see the results of our combined efforts applied towards a medium that is so conducive to creativity and interaction. Below is a sampling of just a few of the games in various stages of development ranging from working titles and concept descriptions, to concept art and prototypes, to fully published releases. If you are a game developer or an artist that would like to work with the ARGO Indie Game Developer's Program please contact us, or you can reach out to ARGO directly by following this link.

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3rd Eye Spy

3rd Eye Spy can be considered just a simple game, or it can be considered a primer that not only guides the seeker through the most efficient and effective training process, but also includes instruction for practical application. Here you will also find access to a secured communications channel allowing feedback and comparison between individual researchers so the strength of the crowd can be utilized in defense against any that would intentionally impede the work of those sincerely seeking what we would consider their birthright.



Another Man's Treasure

One Man's Trash, is Another Man's Treasure

Another Man's Treasure is a game in development that turns trash into treasure by utilizing location based AR (similar to Pokemon Go, etc.)  to indicate areas that have garbage and require cleanup. Players will be able to clean up areas and post pictures of the results which can be verified by the other players who receive points for doing so. Rewards of varying values and types can be offered by sponsors for specific cleanup targets, or for wider geo-fenced areas, and even for specific predetermined periods of time. Players will receive points for activities including locating targeting (taking a picture. geo-tagging the location and describing trash), cleaning up trash, verifying the cleanup of others via picture and via location check, referring other active players, creating new sponsor relationships, etc.. All points are displayed on a leader-board providing recognition and can be used to access special offers and values provided by sponsors.  Overall effects of the game can be shown to help motivate and recognize the collective efforts of the players which are directly translating to a cleaner environment. Another Man's Treasure provides a simple platform for sponsors to organize cleanup events and fun way for players to participate in making their world a better place.


ARGOnaut's Portal Alternate Reality Meta-Game

The ARGOnaut's Portal ARG / meta-game is a game that among other things serves as trail-head leading to several nexus points which lead to what maybe an infinite number of other games in alternate realities. This underground project was first formalized in modern times 1996 and has since recruited hundreds of operatives from the thousands of participants that have played at one level or another. While ARGOnaut's Portal is still an active and ongoing game, it is also currently being updated to better utilize modern technology and will be re-released with an official mobile app, web portal, and full PC / VR experiences as well as the real world gaming experiences that have caused it's near fanatical appeal with the participants that have played and are still playing now. A trail-head to the ARGOnaut's Portal can be found here. Use the word "INDIEVELOPER" as your Code Key when entering the portal, if you want to interact with the game from the perspective of a game developer.





Cryptocaching takes on various forms; from the simplest puzzles steganographically and cryptographically hidden, and plainly distributed in media, to complex codes and veiled clues, that require multiple steps leading to scavenger hunts to collect all the clues stretching across the internet and beyond.

Prizes and rewards can range from intangible and virtual items, to material items, ranging from mere trinkets, to coupons, gift cards, and even cash and virtual currencies!

"SEEKERS" (the people solving the puzzles and looking for the rewards) are encouraged by the "CACHERS" (the people that create the puzzles and provide the rewards) to work individually or together in teams, combining their efforts to solve the puzzles and share their rewards!



Our Enochian chess system is being developed to serve as a sub-game which will play a role in a scene within a larger game narrative, but will also serve as a stand alone game for those that want to play standard four-handed Enochian chess or any of it's derivative games, as well as those that want to use the Enochian chess system for the purpose of divination. Our system will be constructed with high quality 3D models and playable in fell immersive VR as well as being formatted for other game platforms both virtual and physical. We are putting all the same care, effort, and intention that would normally be associated with the construction of the four boards and four sets of pieces as a physical system for the purpose of fully utilizing the Enochian system.   (see more about Enochian Chess here)



THE FEELS is a simple mobile platform based "asteroids" like game where the player protects "their brain" from an onslaught of incoming "feels". the game action requires the player to "tap" or "click" on the incoming feels before they reach the brain as well as other incoming "power-ups" that spawn and come towards the brain in the center of the screen at varying rates of speed.  The concept behind this game is to find the leanest possible representation to presents the meme of "the feels" as defined as a negative result of emotion that can act in opposition to rational thought (see more here), and to produce and publish fully functional game to the app markets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In keeping with the original goal for leanest representation as quickly as possible, this game was taken form concept to approved publication in less than 48 hours! See the latest revision here.



Working Closely with the EBD Maker Community, ARGO's Modular Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality First Person Shooter Gaming Platform creatively combines both hardware and software to maximize the experience for First Person Shooter Games regardless of the native gaming platform or game of choice of the player. We are working on proprietary games as well as making an open modular hardware controller platform which will work with virtually any game on any gaming system.

From the most basic of mobile games to fully immersive VR and next generation mixed reality games; by making our platform modular we assure that not only can you maximize the value of your investment, but that you can continually update and upgrade as new hardware comes to market. Our FPS rig is compatible with the everything from smallest screen sizes available on modern smart phones to the largest of tablets. By utilizing standardized picatinny rail attachment systems, we provide the highest level of reliability and time tested and battlefield proven military grade connections, while enabling our system to allow an almost endless number of personalized configurations and combinations of additional accessories and add-ons.