Since at least as far back as the end of World War II, the governments of both the worlds major superpowers; the United States and the Soviet Union, together poured billions of dollars into research and development of the use of psychic powers, the occult, and other “paranormal sciences” for intelligence gathering as well as other applications deemed aligned to national interests.

Their efforts started with simply cataloging and categorizing the known methodologies and comparing results, dismissing the legends and myths being championed by charlatans, and identifying those few anomalous cases that seemed to provide the most effective and reliably reproducible results. Later they actually recombined and developed their own methods which included the use of the latest scientific processes and technologies, These technologies included; sensory deprivation, binaural audio stimulation, transcranial magnetic, electric, ultrasound stimulation, stimulation with entheogenic substances, and various other methods to enhance the techniques that had provided the most successful results. Major breakthroughs and incredible discoveries of a magnitude that would change the very foundations of culture and society as we know it were said to have been realized and documented.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the commercialization and even the wholesale release of much of their top-secret research, and with the release of records and documents through the freedom of information act in the United States, these techniques have become available in the public domain and have been carefully analyzed, scrutinized, and even recreated by various groups and individual researchers in the private sector.

With the recent widespread availability of VR technology and it’s ability to override perception to create instant connections between the self-concept and an avatar, and the ability to present perceptible visualizations in real-time as a separate environment, its utilization has become a natural progression of this work.

Today there are more and more individuals and groups pursuing this line of research and development and although most of the core material, methods and processes exist within the public domain, there is still a major faction that believes the powers afforded by the use of these technologies is too great to let fall in the hands of the profane masses. They assert that man as a whole is not ready to use these powers responsibly and work fervently to impede the progress of anyone they deem unworthy, and to occult and restrict the proper methods and techniques so that only a select few of their own ranks that have demonstrated a certain moral and ethical commitment have access. While others, upon discovery of these technologies and their resulting effects, see these self appointed guardians as an outmoded ruling class elite that are withholding critical information that should be considered the birthright of every human.

3rd Eye Spy can be considered just a simple game, or it can be considered a primer that not only guides the seeker through the most efficient and effective training process, but also includes instruction for practical application. Here you will also find access to a secured communications channel allowing feedback and comparison between individual researchers so the strength of the crowd can be utilized in defense against any that would intentionally impede the work of those sincerely seeking what we would consider their birthright.

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