One Man's Trash, is Another Man's Treasure

The idea behind Another Man's Treasure was to find a simple way to utilize in-game activity to motivate and create positive real world change. After seeing hordes of people applying their time and effort in parks, walking paths, and parking structures looking for Virtual Pokemon while playing Pokemon Go, the question of how to turn that collective effort into something that would apply a direct benefit beyond the player themselves and carry into the environment they were interacting with became more and more compelling. Thinking of this question walking along a path and stopping to pick up some of the garbage left by others, the basic idea was born.

Another Man's Treasure is a game in development that turns trash into treasure by utilizing location based AR (similar to Pokemon Go, etc.)  to indicate areas that have garbage and require cleanup. Players will be able to clean up areas and post pictures of the results which can be verified by the other players who receive points for doing so. Rewards of varying values and types can be offered by sponsors for specific cleanup targets, or for wider geo-fenced areas, and even for specific predetermined periods of time. Players will receive points for activities including locating targeting (taking a picture. geo-tagging the location and describing trash), cleaning up trash, verifying the cleanup of others via picture and via location check, referring other active players, creating new sponsor relationships, etc.. All points are displayed on a leader-board providing recognition and can be used to access special offers and values provided by sponsors.  Overall effects of the game can be shown to help motivate and recognize the collective efforts of the players which are directly translating to a cleaner environment. Another Man's Treasure provides a simple platform for sponsors to organize cleanup events and fun way for players to participate in making their world a better place.

more coming soon...