THE FEELS (Don't let them get to you)

THE FEELS (Don't let them get to you) is a simple mobile platform based "asteroids" like game where the player protects "their brain" from an onslaught of incoming "feels". the game action requires the player to "tap" or "click" on the incoming feels before they reach the brain as well as other incoming "power-ups" that spawn and come towards the brain in the center of the screen at varying rates of speed.  The concept behind this game is to find the leanest possible representation to presents the meme of "the feels" as defined as a negative result of emotion that can act in opposition to rational thought (see more here), and to produce and publish fully functional game to the app markets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In future versions different emotional representations could be determined by content of social media feeds and or posts and engagement activity such that one's outside world could be graphically represented in a fun way to show what emotional strings are the most targeted for influence by the players media stream, etc. The brain could also have more overt representations for rational goals and the player could be given further graphical representation of their emotional distractions being at odds with their rational thought processes and behaviors.

The long term goal of the project is to create simple gamified representations of the the rational mind being at odds with the emotional mind in an adversarial yet playful way, and to eventually tie it to different gaming paradigm that will allow for more meaningful and comprehensive representations that can be tied to real world significance through pertinent player data.

In keeping with the original goal for leanest representation as quickly as possible, this game was taken form concept to approved publication in less than 48 hours! See the latest revision here.

This project is now live and is in maintenance and revision mode.


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