Emergence By Design is made possible primarily by grants and other sponsorship programs provided a caring community of like-minded individuals and organizations alike. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize all out contributors. Although we cannot mention every single instance of assistance and help that has been provided to us in our journey, we truly appreciate the support. Thank You!


Emergence By Design was made possible by a generous seed-funding grant from the AlternaFunding incubator program. 

AlternaFunding is a private equity platform combining time-tested methods with cutting edge technologies to provide unparalleled results for their investors as well as their portfolio companies. AlternaFunding creates value by connecting great businesses with investor capital, strategic insight, extensive relationships, and operational support, driving positive transformation. Alternafunding focuses on providing benefits that positively impact business owners, employees, communities, and all other stakeholders alike.


Emergence By Design received additional start-up support and sponsorship by a grant of services provided by Genesis Solutions.

Genesis Solutions provides project management services focusing primarily on integration of communications and information technology products and services from a broad range of partners and other third party providers. We specialize in combining existing "off the shelf" products and services with custom tailored proprietary solutions to optimize efficiency and maximize end results.


Our web presence and initial graphic design work was provided by a grant from Visual Lucidity.

Visual Lucidity is a full service graphic design company specializing in the creation of captivating and engaging visual imagery in all forms of visual media; from logos and marketing collateral to custom themed graphics suites for web and mobile applications, and other digital user interfaces, to custom animations, videos, VR and everything in between.


Our thanks to AppDevStore for their grant of services, and for providing continuing consultation on "all things android" and for the ongoing development of the Emergence By Design mobile app.

AppDevStore is a boutique style mobile and app development company focusing mostly on SAAS, subscription model businesses, and mobile game development, and custom developed cutting edge mobile applications provided to their customers as white labelled or third party branded packages.


Our social media presence was provided by a grant from 1st Person Media.

1st Person Media helps people and organizations utilize all existing and emerging media technologies to better communicate in order to promote connection, understanding, acceptance, and community. We help advertisers and marketers get the most focused exposure by capitalizing on syndicated social media and industry / demographic specific content channels, as well as proprietary and procured content created by the most engaging thought leaders, public personalities, freelance writers and independent journalists, graphic artists, animators, filmmakers and videographers, musicians, actors, dancers, models, and much more.